Our control panel no require technical knowledge

Unique Content Managemet (CMS) adapted for your needs about photography.
You don't need anyone to modify your website. We provide you a suitable tool to make the changes in the most easiest and fastest way without additional costs. Easy to use, our control panel has been created to facilitate your experience with it using standards and rigorous usability tests. The information is displayed in a friendly and intuitive manner. Our control panel is designed exclusively to make it very easy to use. As a photographer you can easily create different types of galleries and put them on sale. You can create the additional pages with different accesibility options and optimise the content for the search engines.

Online shop

Sell your photos, a photoshooting session!
Adapt your website to the needs of your business. Set the licenses and prices. Payment will be made by credit card. You can sell your digital photos accepting the payments online. After the payment is approved the "Download" button will be available for your client. In this way, you simplify the process of selling photos and your sales increase. You may also create a private gallery for the customers who paid offline, so only they can view and download the photos. You'll get an email notice when someone buys something on your website. Also you can always check the sales from the control panel of your website. Sell your wedding photos, fashion, fellowship, nature, author,... and social events, sporting events, conferences,... It doesn't matter that your customers live far from you to see and purchase your photos. For additional security your photos can be protected by watermark. The showcase photos are shown in an appropriate resolution for the web, but with a quality low enough to make them not usable for printing. With the online shop you will be able to create the following types of prices: * Price for the whole gallery. * Common price for a single photo in the gallery. * Individual price for a particular photo in the gallery.

Enjoy social networks

Make new friends with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
The social networks is the best way to establish a direct contact with your customer, so it is important to use their potential. Each of our website themes includes social networks icons and links to your profile. We help you to socialize your website and find your target audience in social networks to achieve your marketing goals. Connecting your website to the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog,...) is essential to improve your presence in Internet.

For tablets and smartphones

Get attention of all people who use internet.
All our websites have a responsive design optimized for the main web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer), so they always look good on any type of device: PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, etc. Therefore you may reach any potential customer who has a device connected to the internet.

Get a professional look for your site by using a personal domain

Sets the marks of your business with your personal domain.
We know how it is important to have a good domain. Help visitors and customers to find your site easily with a descriptive name and catchy domain. If you already have a domain name you may use for your personal site at Pics.it.

SEO. Help your customers to find you

The key to success the Internet. The 90% of the Internet users use the search egnines.
Make your site appear in the top results of the search engines. Our websites do not use Flash and are 100% html so they can be easily indexed by search engines. Using the control panel you can modify the title, description and keywords of your home page and others sections of your site.